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Fan Comments


Bert, I have yet to meet you in person, but as you well know we chat from time to time on facebook, I know your whole family very well, I think your awesome, when you ever come back to Fla, we are going on an ole fashion picnic on the beach, just to hang out and relax!!!!....Take care, hope to see ya soon!!

Pat & Jerry Pitts

We followed you as middle aged groupies about 20 years ago. We really enjoyed your medleys & Elvis Tributes. Heard Night Wing at Holiday Inn Punta Gorda. Then we lost track of you. Glad to see you are doing so well & hope to see you in person again some time..


Fabulous CD...a lot of my favs you mad eme cry with "Raise Up Old Glory"...see you soon Rock Star.


Bert, just got off the NCL Dawn. Now home listening to your fabulous CD. Best money I spent. I must say you made the trip for me. It's was a thrill and honor to sit every night and listen to you. If anyone hasn't had a chance to spend some time with you, I would suggest they do so...and SOON !!
Thanks again for your US Air Force service and God Bless You and Amercia

randy from canada

just saw u perform on the ncl dawn. great job. ps murray will kick a


Bert, has been a long time, you seem to have made time work for you. congratulations.

Rebecca Ochs

I saw your show last night at Seven Feathers in Canyonville OR. You are a very talented artist. And I have to say I love your song Raise Up Old Glory. I just listened to it on your CD and it gave me goose bumps. Such a powerfull song. Thanks for sharing your self with the world. Hope I get the chance to see you perform again someday. Enjoy the journey of life where ever it may take you. God Bless You.



Lisa Las Vegas Moore

Looking forward to seeing you when I get back to Las Vegas!

TammyJo (Burrows) Greisiger

I am glad you changed your mind and are letting me tell my drive-in stories. But they would not be lies if I said you were GREAT! And, I as well talk about you all the time. I will see you in Vegas. ttys & kit, hugs and kisses. P.S. let me know if you need more Elivs scarfs or outfits, I will get out my old sewing machine. I will have to bring my scrap book from that time frame when I come out.

Rob @ Ali

Thanks for helping make our wedding week special. Great music. hope to see you next year.

Melissa Wynne

Hey Bert just wanted to say thank you for a thoroughly entertaining week at the Orleans Vegas! We were over from the UK and you made our stay very enjoyable and memorable. Your musical range and great showmanship is very impressive. It is great to see someone doing what they love and what they are very good at. Keep up the good work !!!!
p.s. will you be doing Vegas for a while ?


Awsome band. Glad to see you are still carrying on with what you love to do best - singing and performing.


I love you!!!!!!

Ava Wickens

Hey Bert, saw you at the Excaliber August 25th. Really enjoyed your show. You guys are great. Good thing Scotty (the bartender) let you keep going (12:45).


You are so sexy! Your voice melts me, and your an amazing man.I am blessed to know you.

Deborah Spraker Bozeman (Your cousin ) Sallie and Elmo 's daughter

Bert, My next to oldest son, his wife and in-laws and friends are coming to Vegas tomorrow &/6/09 and will be there until saturday. they are at the Paris(one with Eiffel Tower) Bobby Ray Bozeman and Heather plus his in-laws the Smiths. You are still handsome and sing great. Your Dad (Buddy) just gave me your website info. Proud of you and love you.


your an amazing performer and singer we always look forward to seeing you when we come over to las vegas from england xxx


Loved the show this weekend. ( clapton) You are very talented.

Tom Renfro

Hay Burt long time no see. I tried e-mail but i'm not sure it worked. Looks like you are doing great and have been up to alot of exciting projects. Good for you. drop me a note if you have a chance.
Tom. Visalia, CA.


Glad to see you're doing so well. Your resume' is impressive, especially where it says you owned and operated "30 Something" and "Delton's Underground" in Savannah, GA. You are an excellent show person!

Mark Bennett

Hey Bert - Well l@@k at you on stage making your daddy proud greg sent me a link to your site I ant believe you madit to the Vegas stripe just in so you know who this is I am your cuz from Florida I just watched your mp3 of your oneman show got to say way to go.

Juli Williams

Hi Bert, it's your Memphis connection. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and listening to you. You are awesome. I WILL be back...ALONE!! We will have a rockin' good time, the next trip. MUAH! JULS


Caught your show last night what a performance. You made the night very enjoyable for me and my friends. Keep rockin!!!!!




Mark Cutler

Hey Bert, It was great hanging out with ya at the Excalibur. Let's definetly keep in contact bud. I had a blast at the Octane. Well, I made it bake to England and hope you can make it here to visit after I get back from Afghanistan. Take care Bud.

Dave Smith

Nice to see you after all these years Bert! Take it easy! Smitty

Karen & Joe McGreggor

We saw you at the Excalibur this last weekend and you were fantastic. Your Garth Brooks is great, we really enjoyed it. You should be touring..........Karen & Joe

John and Jean Davis

We are from Punta Gorda Just wanted to say Hi.
I Am Brian Davis's Brother


We saw you at Whiskey Petes but noticed you have no other dates. Where are you going to be playing. Super voice hope to see you again soon.


Hi Bert hope Pine Point was fun your web site is great. I hope to see you when I get to my ship. I hope I go to the Aloha cause you'll be there too. You have a great voice and I am looking foward to seeing your show. Have fun in Vegas, See you in Hawaii
Hugs, Page


Where are you playing in Las Vegas now? I'd love to see you again

Jacob & Millie

Saw you New Years Eve and would like to come out and see you again....Love that Country music

Kate Miller

I use to come to New York, New York to see you play. Are you going to be playing soon Susan, Kathy, Loretta and myself would like to come hear some of that Bert majic


I met you when you were at Norma Jeane's. Me and my girlfriends loved watching you perform. Please will you let me know where and when you are playing in Vegas. I REALLY REALLY hope you do respond to these posts.


Saw you the other night and you were fantastic. I go there alot and hope to see you back. It was refreshing to see a young person with such superior vocal talent. Where else are you playing in Las Vegas? Inquiring minds want to know........


Bert I bought your cd at the pub at Lake Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and just cant stop playing it. No realy it's stuck in my cd player can you tell me how to get it out? Ha ha just kidding. Bert your song Raise Up Old Glory is the best song about our flag that I have ever heard it gives me goose bumps. WHY ISN"T IT ON THE RADIO? You where great and you have a lucky girlfriend both me and my friend were flirting with you and you didn't hit on us even though both of us wanted you to. You have a very sexy voice. Love your cd and your smile Kim


Bert - Remember me I was the blonde with the two redheads we came to see you every night on the Explorer You have so much going for you it was a turn on to see you do your show. What ship are you on now or are you in Vegas? We want to come see you again XO

Charlie McFadden

Bert, we met the other day and sorry didn't get a chance to visit your site earlier. Really cool site, can't wait to see you play in Vegas. Let us know ASAP! Your extremely talented.

Lynn and Buck

The website is great, Bert. We enjoyed the wedding festivities and especially your participation. 3 year old Katy is still saying "He's so handsome!" Also, loved getting together in Vegas! Take care and hope to see you again soon!

Stan Kreitz

Hi Bert; We met on the Carnival Spirit in August. Cindy and I work together as a music duo on that ship and we talked shop a lot - let's keep in touch. Standaman

James & Linda Forrest

Just a quick note to say we saw you on the cruise ship Star. You were fantastic and we came across your website. Awesome voice and fantastic entertainer.


Hi, I was going to be in Las Vegas and hoping you were going to be playing. I saw you on Royal Carribean and you were very entertaining.

Claudia and Jim

We were so glad to see we could sign your website. We were on the Mexican Riveria cruise with you and really enjoyed your show. Where are you going to be???


Hi Bert, Remember me from Aussie Land. Enjoyed your show and the fun times around the ship. If you get a chance give me call, same number. Hugs and Kisses Veronica

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